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Claudia Yebra, CMT

Claudia became interested in massage in 2006.  She decided to attend massage school and graduated from Calistoga Massage Therapy School in 2007.  She began working as a massage therapist and enjoyed the work.  After a couple of years, Claudia became interested in furthering her training in massage.  She attended National Holistic Institute and completed their extensive program.  At NHI Claudia learned Western massage modalities including: Swedish, Deep Tissue. Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal, Sports, Hot Stone, and Aromatherapy.  NHI also taught her Eastern massage modalities including: Shiatsu, Hand and Foot Reflexology, Acupressure, Thai, and Energy Work.  Claudia graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2011.  She then decided to further her education in Manual Lymph Drainage Massage in 2012 and attended Dr. Vodder School International.  Claudia is a California State certified massage therapist and adheres to the licensing requirements of the State of California.

Claudia's Massage Philosophy

Claudia customizes each massage for the needs of that individual.  While she definitely can accommodate a specific modality request, she finds that customizing each massage usually provides the client with a better result.  When she first meets with a client Claudia will have you complete a questionnaire and will discuss your body's needs.  This helps her to understand what will help benefit the client's body the most.  She encourages clients to communicate with her about the level of pressure and never wants anyone to be uncomfortable.  Her goal is for every client to leave the massage feeling relaxed, and with less aches and pains than when they arrived.  


"I suffer from quite a bit of low back pain, hip pain, and neck tension.  I see Claudia one a month for a massage and it always helps to relieve the pain.  I have tried many things through the years to help the issues and Claudia's massage is one of the few things that actually helps me"

~ Lisa S.

"Claudia is amazing!  After almost 9 months of tendonitis pain I spent one hour on Claudia's massage table and I am now pain free!!"

~ Karen L.

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